For over 30 years, Wilcox Excavating has excelled in the excavating and land development field in the Hartford, Connecticut area. With your approved plan, we will grade your site, excavate for your building, install all underground utilities, provide and install any earth materials, install bituminous pavement, install sidewalks, curbs and other site improvements. No project is too large and no project is too small for us to give you what you need to get your building started.   

Do you have structures on your site that need to be removed ?  Wilcox Excavating with its Demolition Division can take care of your building and site demolition needs. 

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We specialize in the following site services.

  • Complete site development
  • Complete road development
  • Excavating services
  • Installation of all site utilities
  • Site improvements
  • Site and Structure Demolition Services